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About Kossi Bruno


Kossi’s Story

Kossi Bruno is a typical example of God’s work and is currently a Reverend Minister, as he plans to serve God not just with his music but also by winning souls. Kossi is currently working on his gospel album and a range of singles under the world genre, which are dated to be
released over the next 18 months. These albums tell a lot of stories about his life; struggles and triumph.

Over the past year, Kossi has already released 4 singles, titled, My Little Contribution, Maman Chérie and The Only one. They are available on major online retailers: Spotify, Apple, Deezer, Tidal, Google Play, and his website for streaming and downloads.

Official Releases

My Little Contribution

Enjoy this sensational Gospel single, titled, My Little Contribution. It’s one that will keep you singing along and praising God for everything he has done through you.

The Only One ft Jean Pierre

Introducing this special single, The Only One is an afro-gospel track written to celebrate the uniqueness and sovereignty of Yahweh, our creator.

Le Seul Amour

With one of the best sounds coming from Kossi Bruno, Maman Chérie is a sweet melody that pours out praise and gratitude to mothers across the world.


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A gifted and talented singer/songwriter. I LOVE this Artist and I KNOW YOU WILL TOO IF YOU APPRECIATE INSPIRED MUSIC! I look forward to more songs from #KossiBruno. 

Amelia Qureshi



Upcoming Releases

November 03, 2019

No More Complaints

No More Complaints is inspired by the artist’s observation and reflection of life on how many people suffer from a range of mental illness.

Novemeber 30, 2019

A Friend

A song dedicated to that special person (or God) who has been there for you when there was no one for you. This is a special song to praise and honour our friends who have been in our lives so far. 

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